The Trip – a moon landing by Jack Torrance

The Trip is inspired by a story told to the Kissinger Twins by a man named Jack Torrance. Torrance is the self-proclaimed film director and mastermind behind the largest hoax of the 20th century – the ‘movie’ that was the moon landing. The twins spent an evening with he and his wife on Tutuila Island, the main island of American Samoa in the archipelago of Samoan Islands. He unleashed his story, which is as much a critique of modern technology, as it is an exposé on NASA.

The Trip - Jack Torrance moon landing hoax

Speculation that America’s moon landing was faked has existed since the broadcast aired in 1969. Enduring conspiracy theories have managed to sustain public interest to this day. Along with the JFK assassination, Aliens & Area 51 and Elvis being alive, it has garnered much attention over the last 4 decades.

The Trip is an interactive road movie of sorts, consisting of 11 chapters. Utilizing an interactive map with slight parallax, users can choose their own journey through the bizarre tale.

The Trip - Jack Torrance moon landing hoax

Each scene contains a video clip and text overlay. If the user chooses not to interact, they passively watch found footage from the era that has Super 16 quality to it. If they interact by moving their mouse on desktop or tapping on mobile device, text falls onto the footage telling Jack’s story in his own words. It created suspense, which was contextually relevant. The functionality reminded me of Tapestry’s tappable stories.

The Trip - Jack Torrance moon landing hoax

The footage appears to be served randomized at each scene. I repeated some to ensure I didn’t miss any part of the narrative, as it was genuinely interesting, and discovered that I was served different video backgrounds each time.

Whether you are into conspiracy theories or not, it is a clever interactive with good old fashioned storytelling at its core and a beautiful aesthetic. The Trip is a collaboration between the multimedia duo Kissinger Twins and unit9 with a soundtrack by Andrzej Smolik, check it out for yourself here.


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