Knitter Stream – preserving the twitterverse

The digital world meeting the physical world is not a new concept, Instagram photos can now be printed or projected, t-shirts can be programmable and I find the convergence exciting, if somewhat ironic. Knitter Stream is one of the strangest most delightful interpretations I have ever seen.

Knitter Stream twitter knitting machine

It began as a data visualization project launched at the C2-MTL festival of creativity and commerce in Montreal. Twitter users were asked “What creative mantra do you work by?” They then tweeted their answer with the hashtag #knitterstream and watched via ustream as an electronic knitting machine from 1998 transformed their tweet into what can only be described as an elongated woven scarf. A continuous stream of fabric displayed a curation of tweeted questions and answers explored at the festival in a unique and lasting way. 

Knitter Stream at C2-MTL

Created by the Sid Lee Collective who modified a Passap E6000 to expose a simple protocol that signaled which button should be triggered and a Python script to generate the pattern. The code can be found here.

So if you feel your tweets are worth preserving in 3 color 8-bit wearable designs, check out Knitter Stream for yourself. There is a neat little simulator at the bottom of the page too!

Knitter Stream woven scarves

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