Find Your Way To Oz – a Chrome Experiment

I love Chrome Experiments. Is there really any other browser. In the spirit of Cirque du Soleil’s Movi.Kanti.Revo, Find your way to Oz is Disney’s interpretation of a 3D immersive experience, built entirely on WebGL and CSS3 in collaboration with Google.

You arrive at a beautifully crafted early 20th century carnival-like circus scene, that users are able to explore freely with their mouse or keyboard arrows and interact with.

Find Your Way To Oz - interactive hotspots

Mysterious hotspots that surprise, a circus photo booth with webcam integration, share functionality to promote and a musical box where you can compose your own tune, make it every bit as magical as the movie was as a child.

The coolest piece of personalization by far was creating a number of still shots that were stitched together, zoetrope-style to create a moving image that was then embedded within the experience.

Find Your Way To Oz - webcam integration

After a brief ride on a hot air balloon through a storm, you find yourself in Oz, which culminates with the trailer of the film. Find your way to Oz is a highly engaging experience and a truly immersive way to seduce moviegoers.

Developed by Unit9 who also brought us The Trip, they used several traditional filmmaking techniques layered into the 3D scenes. To create the personalization they utilized the getUserMedia API, which allows the user to add their image directly from their Webcam.

Find Your Way To Oz - WebGL & CSS3

The mobile web version was also built using open web technologies, with hardware features like camera, multi-touch, gyroscope and accelerometer.

“Our goal was to combine the richness of cinema with the technical capabilities of the browser to create a fun, immersive experience that users can form a strong connection with.”

Find Your Way To Oz - Disney & Unit9

If you happen to find yourself on an unsupported device but still want more details, you can check out the case study instead. Found here. 

Find your way to Oz is a universal experience that transcends age, to be enjoyed by all. Check it out for yourself here.

And if you still want more, append the url with ?debug=on, wait for it to load, then press Ctrl-i to bring up a new menu that allows you to customize the experience.

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